Welcome to the Paula and Cabot Sedgwick Family Foundation website!

The Paula and Cabot Sedgwick Family Foundation, dba The Santa Fe Ranch, is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to environmental conservation, preservation, education, and agriculture to promote healthy, active,  conscious living in Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

The Santa Fe Ranch consists of 3,300 acres of valleys, mesas, mountains and river bottom alongside approximately one mile of the Santa Cruz River.

For many years the Santa Fe was owned by the Sedgwick family who operated a cattle ranch on it.  Today, thanks to the generosity and vision of Paula and Cabot Sedgwick, the Santa Fe Ranch is dedicated to advancing agricultural and environmental research and to providing active, hands-on, educational, out-of-doors opportunities to community members.

Ride on through our web site and learn all about us and the wonderful goings-on at the Santa Fe Ranch…

There are always a great deal of fun, educational events at the Santa Fe Ranch and the Las Lagunas wetlands, also owned and operated by the Santa Fe Ranch Foundation.  Contact us for details at 520-287-7051.

Volunteers and visitors are always welcome!  Just call us to make an appointment and discuss the many opportunities available.  Make sure you call first as we have small children, small animals, and large obstacles running free on the Ranch and Las Lagunas!