The Santa Fe Ranch is owned and operated by the Paula and Cabot Sedgwick Family Foundation, which is run by a Board of Directors (most of whom are members of the Sedgwick family).

Angel Sedgwick has served on the board since 2010 focusing on planning, partnering and online presence. He is a grandson of Paula and Cabot and has had a livelong connection to the Ranch. Angel grew up in Europe and  is a reserve Major in the British Army with several operational tours. He has also worked extensively as a security and information professional in the UK and the Middle East and was at one time a director of an information services consultancy in Whitehall. He loves the outdoors, speaks okay Spanish with a weirdly British accent, and is passionate about social and political issues along the US-Mexico border, volunteering with the Santa Fe Ranch and some of our partner organizations.

Susana Cabot Sedgwick is an author, a member of the Explorer’s Club, a resident of New York City, and a citizen of the world. She often visits the Santa Fe Ranch, and she is intimately involved in long-range projects, including the development of this website. Susana’s concerns focus on permaculture, health and nutrition

Ron Fish has recently retired, after more than thirty years, from Santa Fe Ranch management to run his own nearby cattle ranch. Ron was responsible for all plant operations and agricultural programs; he has been succeeded by his son, Dr. Dean Fish. Ron was 2009 Ranch Manager of the Year and has been involved in agriculture and cattle ranching since he was a Future Farmer of America at Amphi High School in Tucson. He is currrently an active member of the Santa Cruz District 28 School Board, the Ground Water Users Association, the Natural Resource Conservation District, and various cattlemen’s associations. His wife, Lupita (see STAFF for more information), leads education program activities on the Ranch.

The President of the Board is Tony Sedgwick.