The Santa Fe Ranch has been hugely blessed by an outpouring of help and acceptance from our community.  So many people have given very generously of themselves, it is difficult to list all of them here.  It is all of your commitment, work, and love that makes the Santa Fe Ranch a family foundation: your foundation!

Manfred Cripe retired a few years ago from the Nogales High School. He is a master gardener, and he has created our lovely butterfly garden. Manfred has also helped out with our pumpkin growing project and comes by regularly to feed the hummingbirds and to make sure that our native plants are doing well.  Lastly, he at the Ranch faithfully every Friday to work on Paula’s Garden with Alex and Jesus of the Santa Cruz Training Program.  Last sentence should read;  Lastly, he is at the Ranch faithfully every Friday to work on Paula’s Garden with Angel, Mauricio, and Vicente of the Santa Cruz Training Program. 

Don Clemans is a retired agronomist and our lead man on the ground at Las Lagunas.  He has filled six large three-ring binders with every detail of this extraordinary endeavor.  Most mornings if you want to find him, “the muskrat man” is wading in the wetlands, planning and building bridges and walkways, photographing the birds, and living an extraordinary life!  Don was recently the recipient of the President’s Call to Service Award and was honored at the Harvest Dinner in November, 2014.  The trail on the riparian bank of the marsh is named for Don.

David Burkhalter is a first rate photographer with many diverse exhibits to his credit. He is leading our “Seasons of the Year” photo project and has taken many of the photos for this  web site.
Ruth and Chet Johnson are Arlyn’s Mom and Dad.  They have come out in the winter every year and work on many projects.  They are responsible for carving the lovely gate at the entrance of our bird sanctuary (with six native birds) and the beautiful trailhead sign with an egret flying at Las Lagunas.Ruth and Chet and their sons Bryce and Russ helped build the two ramadas at Las Lagunas as well as the lovely shrine.  The Bosque de los Johnsons’.. a trail head sign on the upper bench is named for this family.

Linda Rushton retired to Nogales from the tourist business in Phoenix, but her life is a whole lot busier now!  Linda is president of the Santa Cruz Nature and Heritage Festival and helps us out with elementary fieldtrips when she can.  Last year, Las Lagunas was host to the opening night for this festival which is becoming a major event for the area.