A core belief at The Paula and Cabot Sedgwick Family Foundation is that nature feeds us, heals us, and teaches us.  Just step outside, close your eyes for a moment, and you will experience a different world!

We share the magical power of nature through our programs, which seek to bring  community members into nature both at the Santa Fe Ranch and in the world at large.

Our programs are highly flexible, designed specifically to serve our community in terms of environment, education and/or agriculture.  Some programs are completed during a single visit; others develop over months, years and even decades. Sometimes our programs take place at the Santa Fe Ranch, other times projects are carried out in the community or area schools.

A sound principle we seek to implement on every project is collaboration.  Our partners bring knowledge, people, and goodwill to the table and ensure that our projects will be useful.  We have a tremendous range of partners.  Whenever we have needed them they have been there to lend a helping hand.  Outstanding! (See OUR PARTNERS section.)

The scope of the Santa Fe Ranch Foundation’s programs was greatly increased with the advent of the Las Lagunas de Anza project begun in late 2009.  We have added an entire section on Las Lagunas: make sure to check it out!  This is a project beyond any of our wildest dreams here at the SF Ranch.  We began with a  “swamp” full of barbed wire, trash and cat tails but now have  a paradise within which any person can find peace, solace and the magic of life.  Las Lagunas is a project that quietly shouts: there is peace, beauty, harmony, pleasure and renewal on planet earth!

The Santa Fe Ranch offers out-of-doors education opportunities for our elementary and middle school community in a variety of ways. We originally started with our local school, Little Red, and worked with each teacher to create a unique learning experience. Activities range from archaeology to astronomy, from seasons to creating rural entrepreneurs. We also host Nogales, Rio Rico, Patagonia and Elgin public schools as well as private and homeschool groups. Please call to discuss how we can meet your educational needs!

High School
The Santa Fe Ranch works with local high school students in a multitude of different arenas. We are the sponsor for the highly regarded Anza Club, which has students in both Nogales and Rio Rico High Schools. We work closely with the Nogales High School Science Club to implement the wildly successful Water Festival. We also have hosted the Outdoors Club for a hiking adventure on the ranch. Patagonia High School has visited the ranch on several occasions to get a hands on science experience focused on agriculture and the environment. In 2013, we hosted the Art Class for a day of Western Art. We are also a partner with the Rio Rico High School Agriculture program and serve on the Career and Technical Education Advisory Board. We have supported many different FFA activities with Rio Rico. In addition to public schools, we have a long relationship with Lourdes Catholic High School and have helped to implement many of the wonderful ideas on their nationally recognized “green” campus. In 2013, we initiated a service project with Pinnacle Charter High School and did a major clean up in a polluted wash near their school.

The University of Arizona has been our primary partner. We have hosted the Beef Production Class for several years and spend the day with hands on activities related to livestock management and rangeland management. The Santa Fe Ranch has served as a site for graduate work as well as demonstrating a sustainable model for livestock production. We also host the Archaeology Department Spring School for a week while some of the leading archaeologists in the world help to inspire future archaeologists. We are always seeking opportunities to develop new partnerships with colleges and universities.


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