The Santa Fe Ranch Foundation carries out almost all of its projects in partnership with other groups or agencies. In this way, our resources go further and we obtain the knowledge and efforts of another team.

Here are our major partners, they are divided into three types, educational, community and environmental/agricultural partners. There is a lot of overlapping between these three groups as there is a lot of overlapping on the projects we do with these partners. To read more about the details of Partner collaboration click on the Partner name below. To learn more about some of our projects, look at the “Project” section of this website or contact the Ranch (see “Contact Us”)


Educational Partners

Our educational philosophy is about creating responsibility and leadership in our kids as they learn about and care for their natural environment. We seek to instill in them the understanding that they can do anything that they put their minds and wills to- the incredible process of turning an idea into a reality.

To this end, our high school participants organize and orchestrate everything that is required for a particular project to succeed. Click on any  partner name to learn more about the amazing projects that we do with each of these schools and their students.

The University of Arizona
Santa Cruz School District 28
Santa Cruz School District 35
Lourdes Catholic Academy
Mexicoytl Academy
Nogales Unified School District 1
Pinnacle Charter School
Patagonia Union Schools


Community Partners

In 1950 there were about 2,5 billion people on the planet and about 50% of all Americans lived on the land. In 2014 there about 7 billion people on earth and 2% of the US population lives on the land. These dramatic changes imply that fewer and fewer people have any type of contact with nature- it also implies that our natural environment is at terrible risk.

Although Nogales and Rio Rico AZ are small communities, 50,000 or so- they are integrally connected to the much larger Nogales Mexico, population 600,000, and the large majority of local residents, as is the case throughout the US, have no connection with or appreciation for their natural environment.
The Santa Fe Ranch carries out many projects with partners in our community whose focus is on bringing people in contact with nature so they may appreciate and care for their world. Our major partners:

Santa Cruz Training Program
Scouting Groups
The City of Nogales, Arizona

Santa Cruz County Community Development Department
Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools


Environmental Partners

One of our most important missions at the Santa Fe Ranch is the preservation of our magnificent land and the providing education about the importance of our natural resources at the Ranch, at Las Lagunas and in our community.  Our major partners in this endeavor include:

The Tucson Audubon Society
Friends of the Santa Cruz River
The Natural Resource Conservation District