Santa Cruz School District 28

District 28 is the Little Red School located just minutes from the Ranch on the Patagonia Highway. Little Red was our first educational partner and continues to collaborate with us on a variety of projects.

• Little Red represents the first school and district to sign up for hands-on, outdoor science and social studies projects at the Ranch.
• Kathy Passierb, the science teacher at Little Red, has created a standards-based curriculum for the Foundation that we have used with many classes at the Ranch.  The curriculum is available for all to use.
• Little Red has collaborated with the Foundation on an Agricultural Growing Project whereby 8th graders grew pumpkins and then put on The Pumpkin Festival at the Santa Fe Ranch.  They sold the pumpkins and so raised precious funds for extracurricular activities.
• The Foundation hosts The Little Red Annual Picnic, which we look forward to nearing the end of each school year.
• The Foundation has joint ventured with Little Red administrators to provide needed transportation in the form a school bus.