Project Description

The Ranch carries out a number of ag and enviro projects with young people- these programs are under Dean’s supervision.

U of A- Animal Sciences hands on teaching- Undergrads come to the Ranch to learn hands on cattle management- for many this is their first real life experience with large animals.
The ranch has also hosted individual U of A research projects-  PhD thesis comparing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in grass fed vs traditionally processed beef cows.

PhD thesis on river bottom dendrology
Study of mesquite bosque die off.
USGS and U of A joint radio survey of deep water locations.
Borderlands Youth – This is a hands on working and learning project developed by Gary Nalbhan of Native Seed and the U of A- in 2014 we were able to expand Gary’s program to include youth from SC County- the kids did river bank conservation work at the ranch.
Little Red Pumpkin Patch – Kids from Little Red have come out to grow pumpkins at the Ranch- this project was popular with the kids and a good learning experience- we have let it come to a halt these past two years-
Future Farmers of America-  The Ranch sponsors an FFA club at Rio Rico.
Summer Intern – In the past we have hosted summer interns who have worked with the cattle and with some of other programs.
Summer Science Camps – Both the Santa Fe and Las Lagunas host the Nogales Schools summer science camps.