Project Description

In both 2013 and 2014, the University of Arizona Extension for Santa Cruz County spearheaded a program to bring an AmeriCorps team to the county for eight weeks- AmeriCorps is a federal government project whereby young people, ages 18 through 26, volunteer across America. The Ranch collaborated with the U of A in bringing the teams to Santa Cruz County and the teams worked a week at the Ranch and a week at Las Lagunas making trails at both sites. Hiking trails have now been completed going up to a camping area in the high hills overlooking the Santa Cruz River; as well as extended along the unique wetlands of Las Lagunas. In 2014, the AmeriCorps team stayed at the home of SF Ranch board member Angel Sedgwick further cementing the Ranch relationship with them. AmeriCorps volunteers gave the ranch their highest rating at both sites and for both years. AmeriCorps teams were led by Antony, Angel and Dean.