Project Description

With the invaluable participation of Science Department head Neil Krugg, the NHS Science club has been a wonderful ranch partner. Our first project with them was Project Wet, a water festival originally created by the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the U of A. All 4th grade students are invited once a year to the High School, there, they experience a one day curriculum about water, where it comes from, how to protect it, and some of its basic characteristics. This curriculum is taught by the NHS Science club members who also are responsible to contact 4th grade teachers, obtain necessary equipment and organize all aspects of the event under Ranch supervision. Both ADWR and the U of A have had financial problems limiting their ability to participate in the project. The Ranch, with the generous assistance of the Natural Resource Conservation District, has continued to manage this program where hundreds of kids are exposed to the importance and vulnerability of water and where high school juniors and seniors in teaching learn about their capacity to be leaders and teachers.

The NHS Science club has also been invaluable in the preservation of Las Lagunas- two members sat on the original Las Lagunas planning team and all of the kids worked hard to remove many dumpsters of trash from the wetlands as well as to manually remove cattails and so creating open water which has attracted dozens of bird species to the area.