Project Description

Pinnacle is a charter high school primarily for throw away kids, that is young people who have who have failed other high schools. It is located in what was an appliance store which only has windows at one end of the building and which is located in a concrete and asphalt parking lot. Pinnacle students have no physical exercise and their education is entirely provided through long range internet learning, i.e. rows of computers on benches.

The ranch is partnering with Pinnacle and its students to create a park setting and out of doors classrooms in a drainage wash that runs behind the school.

This project was begun in 2014 with a massive clean up of the wash. Over the next few years the students will deal with their community, they will create a safe pathway, bird habitat and out of doors shade and study areas. The project is intended to be on going so that generations of students will be able to enjoy the work of their predecessors and to add thereto.
This project is led by Dean.