Project Description

SCTP is an agency that provides services to developmentally disabled individuals between the ages of 18 and 69. The Ranch has been a major partner with the SCTP for a number of years.
In 2009, we built a commercial greenhouse for the SCTP at the facility on La Castellana in Nogales- the greenhouse provides therapy for their clients, it also provides jobs to the clients and a source of revenue for the Program.

Also since 2009, the Ranch has employed two to three SCTP clients for ground clean up both at the Santa Fe and at Las Lagunas- currently the crew goes two days to each site. Lastly, the Ranch has developed a Farm Animal Exhibit where the SCTP clients who are unable to work come three days a week to interact with the farm animals as well as to enjoy being together in nature. The SCTP work crew and the farm animal exhibit are run by Lupita.