Project Description

Area scouting groups have partnered with the Ranch both at Las Lagunas and at the Santa Fe-  At Las Lagunas, we have two eagle scout projects that were carried out under the supervision of our Las Lagunas volunteer, Don Clemans- the one is the design and construction of the floating dock; the other are the benches located south of the bird blind. Cub Scouts, working with a Home Depot grant, have built and placed bird houses at Las Lagunas. In 2011, the area scouting groups were consolidated with Catalina Scouts based in Tucson- the result is that for several years, Santa Cruz Scouts were excluded from the facilities in Pima County and had nowhere to go to learn camping in a controlled environment.

In 2012, the Ranch received $5,000 from the Santa Cruz County Community Foundation to build a trail and camping area in the hills above South River Road.. This project has been carried out with the assistance of several scouting groups.

Eagle Scouts also worked on the Ranch’s nature trail, a half mile loop along the river and Ranch pastures.
Cub scouts have camped behind the corrals and have held their passing over ceremonies there.
Antony is main liaison with area scouting groups.