The following are the more significant projects that the Santa Fe Ranch is currently involved in.

The first group of projects have a major youth component- they epitomize our belief that young people learn and become self reliant through interaction with nature. Our projects are designed by the youth we serve and give them the opportunity of learning to be self reliant by taking a thought and making it reality.

The second group of projects are focused on connecting adults to nature. Some of these projects are directed to developmentally disabled (see Santa Cruz Training Program). Other adult programs seek to emphasis that we are nature’s custodians and responsible for ecological sustainability.

The third group of projects centers around nature and agriculture. We serve as a working site for the University of Arizona Animal Science Department as well as work closely with the Natural Resource Conservation District .

There is quite a lot of overlap between all of our projects as they all focus on the the interplay between people and the natural environment. We have added a fourth group of projects, these are projects that are primarily carried out by other groups, but which have relied on the Santa Fe Ranch to act as the fiscal sponsor or in which a Ranch staffer has a significant input. We have expanded into these projects as a way to extend our impact both within and without the community in which we are located.